Saturday, January 18, 2014

This blog is closed

Sorry Jammers,

Since I have decided that I can't keep the blog running, it is going to be inactive.
No more posts.

I am still making YouTube videos, and I am active on Instagram. Only this blog is going to be inactive.

Thank you for the understanding,

Friday, January 3, 2014

Explore jamaa

Hi Jammers! 

surfiez here with more new items! :D Today's new item is the Ice Cube chair!

Be careful sitting on this cool chair!
You might freeze your tail off!

Do you ever explore Jamaa?
A few weeks ago I found this amazing place!
I never really looked at this place before,
but now its my favorite place in jamaa!

Do you ever explore Jamaa?
Wheres your favorite place to hang with friends?

Comment your answers down below! I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Have a jam-tastic day!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Out with the old in with the new

                        Hey jammers thishouseiscrazy here ,
              Today we have one new item and its an Snowflake  table ! 
            You can find  it in jam mart furniture for 400 gems .
Isn't it cool who can design is your on way like putting presents on it  or some teacups ! 
 Also there are some things on clearance in jam mart furniture so before there out head out and get them now , the things on clearance are plants and there between 300-400 gems
Non members are able to buy this !

and here are some other things that are on clearance 
 buy it now and don't get left out!
 Have an awesome day 



Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hi jammers!

Today's new items are sold in Bahari Bargains! I know the jamaaildays are over, but i still thought these were cool! 

                           If you like blinking necklaces or gingerbead men
                                    then these items are perfect for you!

Also check out the New Years Party!
Don't forget to get your exclusive fireworks and banners!

Thats all for today! Have a Happy New Year!

Also check out my new music video

I hope you like it! I worked really hard on it! 


Birthstone of the New Year

                   Hey Jammers it's thishouseiscrazy!
                 Todays new item is a garnet birthston located in Epic Wonders. It costs 1,500 gems.
you can put this on your birthstone display 
and add it to your collection of other birthstones! Starting off with a new year you get another chance to collect all the birthstones again.

Ok today is Wild Wednesday! That means a glitch. Here is how to do the Gingerbread house glitch!

Step one : 
Go to the  licorice sides of your den.
Step two : 
Start moving closer to the licorice try to get over it, you may struggle at first but it won't be that long before your over the licorice. Hope that helped ^.^
Step three : 
Once your over the licorice u can do it over and over again with your buddies 



Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sweater Weather

Heyo Jammers and starries!
Nebula posting for today.

Only one new item for today. A sweater! They are in the Cocoa Hut on the first page. They cost 500 gems. Wow expensive!

They come in multiple colors.

 That's all for today. Happy New Years Jammers!

Monday, December 30, 2013

New items!

                                       I'm surfiez!

                         Hi jammers! I am so happy to be helping nebulastar
                                             with this amazing blog! ^-^
                               Today's new items are Deer fur and antlers!!

Aren't these just cool?!
 They look so pawsome on the Deers!!

Today's den items are a snow shovel and a snowboard!
Do you think we could use these items in a new winter den?
I sure hope so! :D

I just love the snowboard! I wish our animals could 
actually ride it down mt. shiveer! 

Well, thats about it for me! I can't wait to update you jammers again!
Have a PAWSOME day!! ^.^


Butterfly winged New Year

Hey Jammers! Nebula here ^.^ Happy Monday! That means it's time for the Monday Rare.

15th page of the Jam Mart is Rare Butterfly Wings! They cost 450 gems. Remember, they are only out for today!

Beautiful colors. Blue and purple. They look very magical ^.^
Also, The New Year's Party is up! Hehe it's almost 2014. What is your New Years Resolution? 

There's a few shops in the party with lots of cool clothes and den items, and awesome music!
That's all for today :) 
Thank you to my new Authors for helping me out on the blog!
Check them out on Instagram:

See you In Jamaa!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Phantom cage

Hey starries!
Back to posting from a long pause...

I've been on and off on the blog. So I'll try to up keep my posts.
Anyways, this phantastic item came out in the Adventure Camp store!

The electrifying and amazing phantom cell! ^.^ You can change it's colors too :)

 Moving on!

Double gems for Mira Says!

Here's a code for the third Animal Jam BDAY cake! ^-^

Hurry up and use it, because the code may expire soon!

That's pretty much it! Make sure to stop by my YouTube channel for Music Videos, glitches, and contests.
Let's make it to 1,500 subs for a PAWSOME contest... let's see.. Give away?
^.^ I'll think about it closer to my goal.

Well have a wonderful time in Jamaa!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013